Pool Systems

Pool Systems

The pool system is like the heart and lungs of a swimming pool. It serves to filter impurities and kill germs in the water. before being transported back to the pool as clean water for us to have a good moment safely without worry

Swimming pool system consists of 3 main parts: filtration system (filter and pump), disinfection system. and control system

Therefore, the selection and design of a swimming pool system is very important. It’s not just about choosing a brand or size. But it must be designed to match the pool and your needs as well.

So that you have a beautiful, clean, safe swimming pool that is always active. Scheduled maintenance and maintenance of the system is therefore extremely important. Verification isn’t just about observing whether it works or not. But have to check deep inside whether the equipment, parts, operation, pressure or power Is it still normal? Therefore, have a professional technician inspect your pool system on a regular basis.

SPC Care

SPC Call / SPC Call Team

Urgent consulting service Answers to all your questions about swimming pool systems.

ทีมดูแลตรวจสอบระบบ / POOL INSPECTIONS

You will find a team of technicians. that are ready to service you to check the system to your home

ระยะเวลาการบริการ / Period  

Service periods, such as checking the condition and operation of pools and equipment Service takes an average of 1-2 hours, sometimes a little or more.

การดูแลคุณภาพน้ำ / WATER ANALYSIS

When you encounter a problem and concerns about water quality supervision Our experienced team is here to answer all your questions.

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