Commercial Pool

Commercial Pool

Commercial pool in Thailand are more than 75 percent of all swimming pools in Thailand. There are swimming pools within the hotel, resort, school swimming pool, spa, elderly swimming pool. Therapeutic swimming pool Including a swimming pool for pets Therefore, the design and construction process must be in accordance with the standard and of course, starting from the consultation. to after-sales care For the benefit of a large number of users there.


Survey the area and test the soil.

Check the area size, direction and proper location. Including the ability to support the weight of the space to be placed

concept and function

concepts that users want to gain from using it. having fun with the player flow with the waves Relax with the spa seating area.

design form and system

The concept and information bring it to your very own swimming pool. Presented in 3D by experts.

Summary and action plan

Plan the construction systematically and meet the standards. Focusing on meeting the needs and usage mainly.

construction, installation, inspection

Carry out the construction as planned. check action by experts with certified documents

Service after installation

Check the system every 3-6 months for accuracy and safety. Ready to train the use and give advice throughout the use.


SPC Funny Family Vinyl Liner

The first in Thailand to produce Vinyl Liner Install instead of tiles with steel pool and water filtration system, install only 5 steps, ready in 8 days