Design and Build Pool

Design and Build Pool

A swimming pool created according to your imagination. Design more freely than anyone else With a smart wall supported by a strong and durable galvanized structure. that has been designed according to engineering principles Can support earthquakes So you are confident in its durability. Eliminate the problem of the pool collapsing and cracking so you and your family can experience relaxation. and endless fun with class According to the style you can choose yourself.

Design a swimming pool that you can choose to design in every shape.




Free From

Special design, design a special space for you.

Kids Pool & Internal Pool Step

Internal Seat SPA

Pool Bar & Seat

Pool Waterfall & Feature

Increase usable space With a sliding balcony covering the pool

You don’t have to decide whether to use the empty space as a pool or as a multi-purpose space. Abandon the traditional pool cover. Superior with a strong and beautiful sliding balcony. Choose to use freely. Will choose to lock and cover the pool to use the area above the pool. Or you can use the pool with a different level balcony for living. Strong and safe with a special structure, 100% prevents children, pets, the elderly, and people who need special care from falling into the swimming pool.

– Choose from a variety of surface covering materials: real wood, artificial wood, smoothboard.

– There is a sliding and locking system for the balcony to open and close the pool conveniently.

– Light weight, easy to use, just use the handle to slide it open.

Steps for building a swimming pool

After consulting and designing a swimming pool Until you have the swimming pool design that meets your needs.
You can start building a pool right away by following simple steps in only 5 steps.