Pool System

Pool System

A swimming pool system is like the heart and lungs of a swimming pool. It filters out impurities and kills germs in the water. Before being transported back into the pool into clean water for us to have a good moment safely and without worry.

A swimming pool system consists of 3 main parts: a filtration system (filter and pump), a disinfection system. and control system

Therefore, selecting and designing a swimming pool system is very important. It’s not just about choosing a brand or size. But you must design it to match your pool and your needs.

So that you have a beautiful, clean, and safe swimming pool to use at all times. Timely care and maintenance of the system is therefore very important. Inspection is not just about observing whether it works or not. But you must check deep inside whether the equipment, spare parts, operation, pressure or power Is this still normal? Therefore, you should have an expert technician inspect your swimming pool system regularly.

SPC Care

SPC Call Team
Urgent consulting service Answer all your questions about swimming pool systems.

System inspection team
You will find a team of technicians. that is ready to provide system inspection services to you at home

Service period
Service periods such as checking the condition and operation of the pool and equipment. Service takes on average 1-2 hours, sometimes a little less or more.

Caring for water quality
When you encounter a problem and concerns regarding water quality maintenance Our experienced team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Steps for fixing and designing a swimming pool system

Although it may seem complicated, you can design your own swimming pool system with the simple steps below. To make your swimming pool system according to usage Designed to suit the user’s health, space, and budget that best suits you.