Private Pool

Private Pool

private pool It’s always more than just a home gym. It is a great view to relax, luxury furniture, private spa, enhance feng shui and to meet a variety of purposes. design to match the design concept of the house Match the main-secondary function Corresponds to space and continuity functions It is very important. which swimming pool can not meet our needs as fully as a private swimming pool at our own house

“Private, relaxing and safe”

SPC’s FUNNY FAMILY wall-finished pool is very suitable for swimming pools in the backyard.

In our house, the elderly use tiles and are afraid of cuts. clean white vinyl safe choice and fits into the house that is designed very well

Inhaling the air while looking at the view, I felt very refreshed and relaxed.

Ms. Chakria A.

“ส่วนตัว ผ่อนคลาย เเละปลอดภัย”

สระผนังสำเร็จ FUNNY FAMILY ของเอสพีซี ตอบโจทย์  สระว่ายน้ำสำหรับพื้นที่หลังบ้านมากๆค่ะ

บ้านเรามีทั้งผู้สูงอายุจะใช้กระเบื้องก็กลัวบาด ไวนิลสีขาวสะอาด ที่เลือกปลอดภัย เเละเข้ากับบ้านที่ออกเเบบสุดๆเลย


Ms.Chakria A.


Tips for designing and installing a private swimming pool

explore the area

Check the area size, direction and proper location. Including the ability to support the weight of the area for placing the pool

concept and function

Place a form of primary and secondary use, such as focusing on exercise. Emphasis on sitting or standing spa massage Emphasis on showing beauty, etc. Summary of user information, age range, appearance, etc.

design form and system

The concept and information bring it to your very own swimming pool. Presented in 3D by experts. for you to experience The swimming pool can be completely in every view.

Installation of swimming pools and systems

Control the construction systematically and meet standards. Focusing on meeting the needs and usage mainly. Beautiful, perfect according to the design Ready to train for use after activation 10 year long warranty


SPC Funny Family Vinyl Liner

The first in Thailand to produce Vinyl Liner Install instead of tiles with steel pool and water filtration system, install only 5 steps, ready in 8 days

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