A service center designed to install a complete swimming pool. Service both in the country and ASEAN countries.

Our Service

Design & Build

Swimming pool design and construction services with an experienced team


Bring your old pool back to work. It's like having a new pool again with a swimming pool renovation service. from the pool center

Other Services

Swimming pool maintenance services, etc.

28 Years of Experience

28 years of swimming pool experience

Over 1,500 Projects

Build confidence for customers in each project with a standard swimming pool.

20 Teams

Service with an experienced team

SPC Funny Family Vinyl Liner

The innovative leader of the swimming pool, the semi Connecticut wall was developed from France and installed in Thailand. 1994 is a completely closed swimming material, and spc vinylliner is an advanced technology produced by an ISO9001 certified factory: World class in 2015, and has been in Australia, the United States and Germany.

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