Install Vinyl Liner

Vinyl Liner

    Vinyl liner swimming pool cover material serves to cover the surface of the pool like a tile Superior with 100% waterproofing properties, free from cracking, peeling tiles, soft touch but not slippery. With a long service life of 10 years, can be used in both concrete pools finished wall pool and finished pool

What is the difference between SPC Vinyl Liner?

– Inside the texture, SPC vinyl liner comes with anti-bacterial and UV properties.

– Dense fiber reinforced Greater shrinkage reduction

– with surface coating Protect the beauty for longer lasting.

– Different with advanced production techniques 100% leak proof under ISO9001:2015 standard

– Certified in Asia, Australia, USA and Germany

Procedure for installing vinyl liner

After choosing your favorite vinyl liner pattern Then start installing the vinyl liner. Only 4 steps, completed within 3-15 days only.