Algae Clear
Pool Chemical

Algae Clear

Price 1,200 baht

Special price 1,000 baht

Pool Chemical

    Algaecide kill green and mustard Algae for swimming pool

Water conditioner and algae remover for chlorine pools.

Can clean quickly within 1-3 hours without changing the pH level in the water.


  • Get rid of algae in your swimming pool quickly.
  • ​Helps to remove algae stains. The deep black algae stains came off easily.
  • The water is green with a lot of algae. Usage rate: 1 gallon per 50 cubic feet of pool water.
  • The condition of the water is green or there is a small amount of algae. or to prevent new lichen Usage rate
    1 gallon per 100 cu. of pool water.


Capacity: 3.8 liters



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