Change the old pool into a beautiful pool

Replace your old vinyl liner swimming pool. Turn it into a beautiful swimming pool That’s cooler than it’s ever been.

Swimming pools are now a necessity in many places. and makes the swimming pool surface “Vinyl Liner” become very much in demand in the market. Especially for schools, hospitals, hotels and places that require modernity, simplicity and safety. that is more than general use

Today, it is a case of renovating the swimming pool inside the old kindergarten. Built in 2001, it has been in continuous use for over 22 years and the only users are kindergarteners!! which is famous for being naughty And the more you get to play in the water with friends in groups, the more exciting it becomes, multiply it by 10. Safety must be considered first.

In this case, we will renovate only the vinyl liner. Because after the construction of the pool We have renovated the wall structure once in 2007 and this year 2023, 12 years after the last renovation, it is time to improve the surface.

Condition of the original vinyl liner before the renovation: pale, white, hard (originally the interior of the swimming pool was light blue). Rub the surface and vinyl dust sticks to your hands!!

The edge of the swimming pool is made of explsed aggregate finish has eroded it until the pebbles have fallen off, causing the edge of the pool to be sharp and cut your feet. Very dangerous to children

Once you’ve made a decision, let’s hurry and take action!!
After sucking out the water and removing the original vinyl liner. It was found that the floor and walls were still in very good condition. All that remains is to remove the original  explsed aggregate finish of the pool to install new vinyl fixtures and a new edge.

The vinyl mounting rail, which was one of the original vinyl liner installation kits, was broken and rotted along the edge of the pool. Especially at the curved corners of the swimming pool. It is necessary to change according to the actual assessment of the work site.

Tips : Did you know? that the vinyl mounting rails act as attachment points for the vinyl liner installed inside the swimming pool. It does not need to be replaced every time the swimming pool is renovated. or change the vinyl liner Sometimes we can use the original mounting rail. and change only the vinyl liner part You can save tens of thousands of expenses!! However, experts must be allowed to evaluate the condition every time before making a decision.

Installation of the new vinyl liner rail will be installed on the edge of the existing pool wall. By aligning the front side with the inside pool wall so that when installing the vinyl liner it will fit snugly against the pool wall. And it is always necessary to clean the swimming pool floor and walls from dust before installing the vinyl liner. This will prevent gravel, rocks, or trash from getting stuck under the vinyl liner. Until the vinyl is embossed into lines.

When you’re ready, you can install the vinyl. The school has chosen to use the new vinyl liner. Mosaic pattern laminate Blue Basalt Cobble It feels similar to laying a natural stone mosaic. Change the look from a simple blue swimming pool. It is a mosaic swimming pool that looks modern. and classic all at once Feels like you have a new swimming pool.

The edge of the swimming pool has been leveled and ready to be laid with new edge covering material that will be slip-resistant as before but will no longer hurt your feet.

The new swimming pool edge is The edge is specially pressed rubber. We recommend black to contrast with the balcony and the vinyl liner inside the swimming pool. To help make the vinyl liner have a more outstanding color. It also contrasts with the color of the original balcony and does not make the balcony color look more old.


Already installed Finish the work on the edge of the swimming pool to ensure it is neat and the surface is tight, with no gaps. This work must be calm and neat. Because you have to be careful not to let the mess build up on the edge of the pool. and balcony flooring at the same time

When finished, you can add water. In this case, it is a swimming pool that uses a skimmer as a water intake port. It is recommended to add water until it covers 3/4 of the skimmer. This will help prevent the pump from sucking water in time due to the problem of too little water.

After adding water, don’t forget to measure the water level. (Acid-alkaline value and chlorine value) to add chemicals Adjust the water to a ready-to-use condition.

Tips: If you choose to add water with Municipal water supply at one time, even if it is already clear, it is necessary to measure the water every time before use. Because Municipal water supply also uses chlorine to kill germs. If you do not measure the water before adding chemicals, an OVERDOSE event may occur or there are too many chemicals in the water.


And now our shabby swimming pool has become more beautiful and safer than before.

Additional information

Swimming pool location: Sirimongkol School, Kindergarten Department, Bangkok

Swimming pool type: Skimmer swimming pool

Swimming pool structure: Concrete swimming pool with prefabricated wall structure (FUNNY FAMILY) of swimming pool center Co.,Ltd.
Service life (built-present) : 22 years

Swimming pool surface: Vinyl Liner model BIO3301 Blue Basalt Cobble

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