What is Free Chemical Pool ?

      Why does a swimming pool need chemicals!? Because natural water may contain germs in the water. Whether it is ecoline bacteria that cause disease such as Cryptosporidium parvum, E-Coli, Legionella, etc. Every swimming pool must have a water killing system.

      The disinfection system that has been popular since the past until now is the chlorine system because chlorine can kill up to 99% of germs. Currently, this system is still in use around the world. But the chlorine system itself is very good at killing germs. But it still affects health more or less. This led to the development of a salt system that extracts chlorine from the salt to disinfect the swimming pool instead of using chlorine directly. which can greatly reduce the negative effects Swimming pool salt system Therefore it became a water treatment system that was called “Best in the world” by default


 Salt swimming pool or Salt Chlorinator Treatment 

     The swimming pool’s salt system is called “the best in the world” because it treats the water in the swimming pool with natural salt (NaCl = Sodium Chloride) that must go through the Electrolytic Process of the Salt Chlorinator that produces Sodium Chloride (NaCl). ), which is the original natural salt and saline when used to kill germs Won’t be lost anywhere But it will be added only when there is a Back Wash or cleaning of the filter. Or when it rains and water overflows from the swimming pool, add salt. Therefore, adding salt to the swimming pool will be added about 2-3 times a year, where the salt water will have a concentration of only 0.3%.

 ”  In this regard, the salt treatment system It is known as the best system in the world. It is not an exaggeration, however. Because over 90% of swimming pools in Australia This is the country where people have the most home swimming pools in the world. They used the salt system and only 10% still used the chlorine system.

   Not only that. salt treatment system It is also a system that causes the least harm to health. It also helps add moisture to the skin very well. Even so, this salt system swimming pool still has some cautions. The PH of the water in the swimming pool must be taken care of well. The water in the swimming pool must have an increased alkalinity level only. and there will be no increase in acidity. Because if the acidity increases at any time, the Salt Chlorinator may have a problem. But if you’re worried about potential problems, you can reduce them. You can do this by choosing to consult and install with a company that has specific expertise. You will receive both services. good advice You may forget that you ever worried about these precautions.


Swimming pool with ozone system or Ozone Treatment

​    It is a swimming pool disinfection system. By transferring zone gas from the air compressor (O3) to directly treat the water in the swimming pool. For use in disinfecting swimming pool water. It is a very efficient water treatment system. Because there is no residue in the swimming pool. But this ozone system will have a shorter time to kill germs than the chlorine and salt systems. But the cost to install the system is more expensive than other systems, making the ozone system popular with spa shops. More than use with swimming pools in general

   ” But swimming pools with ozone systems still have limitations. Whenever water passes through the treatment system and is successfully disinfected, The water will be released into the swimming pool. And while the water has been in the swimming pool for 3-6 hours, if anyone splashes germs into the pool Germs will mix in that swimming pool. Until the water is introduced into the next treatment process. The germs will then be destroyed. This is why in some countries laws have been passed. Do not use only one ozone system in a public swimming pool. But it must be used in conjunction with the salt system or chlorine system as well.

    At this point, I believe that many of you have already made your decision. What kind of water treatment system should I use? and is most suitable for you

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