Truths about the swimming pool market that you may not have known

    Last weekend, you took a dip in the swimming pool to cool off. Or have you traveled anywhere to take photos with a beautiful swimming pool? Nowadays, swimming pools have become a part of the lifestyle of people at all levels. The swimming pool has become more than just a place to swim. But it is a place to relax. luxury furniture Event location to the water sports stadium For this reason, the value of the global swimming pool business market has reached 280 billion baht, with both large and small companies rushing to market both domestically and internationally. National entrepreneurs like Swimming pool center Has collaborated with a world-class manufacturer of swimming pool vinyl liner. Forwarding quality products and focus on marketing under the FUNNY FAMILY brand so that we can have swimming pool covering products such as vinyl vinyl liner. that are of high quality and certified to world-class standards, widely used in Thailand

​    Did you know? The swimming pool market in Thailand is growing against global trends! What exactly are the similarities or differences between the two markets? Types of swimming pools in the market can be divided into 2 main groups: Residential Pools or swimming pools within the home and Commercial Pools or swimming pools. commercial swimming The difference is as the name suggests. As for the global growth trend in businesses with funds as high as 280 billion baht, 79% of the market share comes from the European and United States regions combined. For Thailand, the market value of the swimming pool business is approximately 10 billion baht.

” When talking about the proportion of the swimming pool’s growth, Markets around the world are more popular with home swimming pools or Residential Pools, with the largest markets such as America and Europe accounting for 76%, while commercial swimming pools account for only 24%. When we look back at markets in Asia, we find that these numbers have completely reversed. By the proportion of commercial swimming pools It will be much higher than the swimming pool inside the house. Which at this point is considered For Asian and Thai people Home swimming pools are home decoration materials that are in the high-end market. That is, it must be a house with a high income in order to have a private swimming pool within the house. That’s one factor. But another factor that we found is Way of life and living in this era where people are recruiting townhomes for various projects. Or a condominium is a reasonably priced residence. Almost every project has a public swimming pool for shared use. This eliminates the need to invest in installing a private swimming pool. In addition, many areas have commercial swimming pools that are not far from the community with an inexpensive membership fee. causing people to choose to turn to the community swimming pool more

” In addition, the swimming pool is like a meeting point for people who want to relax. Both as couples, groups of friends and families, as well as being a popular place for holding various events and parties. That makes Thai and Asian people prefer to use commercial swimming pools rather than swimming pools. Private water Although the proportion of the swimming pool market in Asia has reversed from the global trend, with commercial pools leading the way, But in Thailand, it is found that the growth ratio is more around 50/50, but it is still considered to be in good opposition to the overall global growth trend.

”   Global growth forecast for this market for swimming pools is on average (2014-2017) 4-6%, but Asian markets will see double digit growth. Because this market’s growth depends on the climate and being a tourist city, it is divided into

Creating a new pool Growth is at 1-1.5%.
Repairing an old pool Growth is at 5-2%.
A pool with new features and innovations Growth is at 5-2.5%.

​    And the direction of this year It is seen that the trend of swimming pools within the country will definitely continue to grow. This year, FUNNY FAMILY vinyl liner that has long replaced tiles and is becoming more and more popular. Swimming pool center Collaborate with manufacturers to develop quality and be ready to send it to consumers as well as companies and stores that want to distribute and install.

It is truly a growth that goes against the world trend for this swimming pool market. So are you ready, both users and installers?

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