How to start having a swimming pool?

     During the time when the epidemic situation occurred causing many people to encounter various situations, both good and bad. One of them is a place to exercise. Both with and without a swimming pool and resting places closed But how great would it be if we decided to bring the swimming pool that we use for exercising and relaxing into our own home?

    Nowadays, swimming pool construction technology is improving every day. Plus, it’s much cheaper than before. Makes it easier to have your own swimming pool. Many people therefore prefer to build a swimming pool in their home area. Today, we would like to invite all our friends to come and listen to interesting stories about building a swimming pool together.

Start before you start designing

    First, survey the area where we want to build. Is that enough to build a swimming pool? Even if you only have a backyard area that is 6 meters wide and 4 or 24 square meters long, you can already have a swimming pool that is 5 meters wide and 3 meters long. Swimming pool Water doesn’t always have to be large. It depends on what purpose you intend to use the swimming pool for and for whom.

If we don’t have much space to build a pond but want to exercise You may be equipped to swim against the waves. or stationary swimming equipment

swimming pool design

   Once you have the space to build your swimming pool. We must specify the purpose of building the swimming pool, what we are building it for, such as to decorate the place. to exercise So that the children and grandchildren have a place to play in the water. To allow parents or the elderly to exercise

   These reasons and factors greatly affect swimming pool design, including size, shape, depth, surface covering materials, and swimming pool systems. and various additional equipment within the swimming pool

  • No matter what kind of design we choose, don’t forget to set a clear budget. To compare the swimming pool models in each option that really meets your needs and budget

  • Although we can freely choose the shape of the swimming pool. But it should not be designed with many corners or too strange.     

    ” Because this may cause problems with the installation of materials covering the floor and walls of the swimming pool. and cleaning

Choose a swimming pool structure

Can be divided into 3 types:

concrete swimming pool

” The floor and wall structure of the swimming pool are all reinforced concrete. Strengths: strong, durable, free-form design. Weaknesses: heavy.

There is a higher risk of subsidence or cracking than other types. It takes a long time to construct.

readymade swimming pool

” The structure is fully assembled and ready to install from the factory, both floors and walls. May be made from polymer or fiberglass or various metals And can be closed with paint or vinyl liner. Highlights: Cheaper price, quick construction time. Low settlement problem due to being lighter than other types. Weak points: Limited choice of shapes and sizes. less strength There is a chance of cracking from long-term use.

Prefabricated concrete wall swimming pool or SPC SMART WALL POOL

” The floor structure is reinforced concrete. The wall structure is a load-bearing structure made from galvanized steel. You can choose to cover the surface with vinyl liner. or tiles. Strengths: strong, free to design patterns, light weight, lower subsidence problems. Weaknesses: Vinyl liner should be changed every 10 years because it has expired.

Currently, the construction cost of each type of swimming pool structure has a price difference of approximately 10-15 percent. in the same size and depth Prices for concrete swimming pools are usually the highest. Next is a swimming pool with prefabricated concrete walls. and swimming pool


Choose a swimming pool water treatment system

   Currently, there are many different types of water treatment systems for swimming pools. Both with a filter system installed and various types of disinfection systems. and natural filter The water treatment system consists of 2 main parts: a filtration system and a swimming pool disinfection system.

   Swimming pool filtration system

In Thailand, there are filtration systems that are commonly used, which can be divided into 3 systems.

– Sand filter system or media filter system

   A filtration system that uses filter media such as sand, crystal, and others to filter water by flowing water through that filter media. Various filter media will serve to trap various sediment particles. Advantages: Easy to use. Suitable for swimming pools of all sizes. Disadvantages: Low filtration resolution. It causes algae and algae more easily than other filter systems. The filter must be changed every 1-5 years.

– Synthetic fiber filter system

   A  filtration system that uses filter cartridges. Made from synthetic fibers. Advantages: Easy to use, easy to remove and clean. The 2nd highest filtration resolution. Disadvantages: The filter must be changed every 1-3 years.

– Cloth filter and filter powder system or DE filter system

   Filter system that uses cloth filters together with DE filter powder, the highest filtration resolution among all types of swimming pool filters. Suitable for all types of swimming pools. Especially recommended for pet pools.

The most appropriate swimming pool filtration system is a filtration system that matches actual usage behavior, user characteristics. and swimming pool

Water disinfection system

Chlorine system

​      The most commonly used disinfection system. Because it’s cheap But it is excellent at killing germs in water. And chlorine remains in the swimming pool to prevent germs in the water. But a chlorine system is a disinfection system that uses chlorine directly. Therefore, high concentrations can easily occur. May cause skin irritation and easily irritates the eyes

Salt system

​     Disinfection systems that are currently very commonly used. By separating chlorine from salt using the electrolysis process. In addition to saving on the cheap price of salt, The chlorine separated from the salt is returned directly to the swimming pool. Makes the chlorine concentration lower. But it can kill germs as well as chlorine systems. Allergic reactions and irritation occur much less often than with chlorine systems.

Ozone system and UV system

   Disinfection system that can effectively eliminate disease in the water. and 100% chemical-free, but disinfecting the swimming pool Often requires work Together with the swimming pool filter system which will not be open all the time Therefore, disinfection using ozone or UV systems only works for a certain period of time. In foreign countries, there is a law stating that if swimming pools are disinfected with ozone or UV systems. Other disinfection systems such as chlorine or salt systems must be installed as well.

   Whether you choose to design and construct a swimming pool. In any form, the most important thing is to choose a service provider who can provide advice, control work, and provide after-sales service. exactly as you wish Meets your needs and has standards so that you will receive good things. and good experiences from starting to have your own swimming pool

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