Swimming pool and health

   Throughout the past 2-3 years, we have become more aware of health care. both in terms of preventing external diseases and health care from within Exercising in the swimming pool is another very interesting option. Suitable for all ages. Including the elderly and people with health problems as well

   Exercise in the swimming pool. Or some people call it hydrotherapy. It is exercise in the form of walking or swimming or doing various activities. Inside the swimming pool itself, helping you heal or relieve injuries. Including helping you correct your figure.

” Hydrotherapy swimming pools will select materials used to cover the surface of the pool that are not harmful to users, such as linoleum liner, along with adding anti-slip materials in various areas. Add railings, ramps, and in some places may add exercise equipment in the water. For users to use conveniently, there is a spa system and water temperature. That helps keep the therapist safe. and more relaxed This is different from using a general swimming pool that does not have a surface that is safe enough from injury.

  • Elderly people or people who have balance problems

        Elderly people or people who have balance problems. Problems often occur when exercising. Whether it’s about body weight that affects various parts of the body.

    The water inside the swimming pool will help support some of your body weight, allowing you to support yourself in the swimming pool well. Makes bones and joints not bear too much weight

    Although the elderly or those with balance problems are more suitable for exercising in the water,  It should always be under the supervision of a caretaker.

    Those who are overweight

    ” People who are overweight Often have problems with weight. Diet control and exercise are therefore important. But regular exercise can easily cause injury. Exercising in the hydrotherapy pool Therefore it is the most appropriate choice. It may start with walking. and moving your arms in the water to swimming when the body is in proper condition

    People who want to lose weight Swimming exercise in the swimming pool It will give you exercise in every part of your body.

    People who are allergic to their own sweat

    ”  People who are allergic to their own sweat. This can be caused by many reasons. But the most common allergic symptoms It is an itch every time you have to exercise and your body sweats. Some people therefore choose to abstain from exercising altogether. But refraining from exercising can be one of the reasons that make our body weaker. But exercising in a swimming pool will help people with allergies to exercise to their fullest potential without developing an allergic reaction. Because the water in the swimming pool will help you sweat less. And the sweat that comes out will be dissolved by the water in the swimming pool. This allows people with sweat allergies to exercise fully without allergic reactions occurring.

    People who want to lose weight – maintain their figure

    ” Exercise is very important in maintaining your figure. Diet control is often used in conjunction with exercise. But what if you’re someone who doesn’t like exercising at the gym? Swimming might also be a good choice for you. Swimming in the pool will give you a workout for every part of your body. It also makes your lungs stronger. As a byproduct, you’ll have more energy to do various activities, and for longer, when you’ve been swimming in an indoor pool for a period of time.

    People interested in swimming

    ”  Exercise in a swimming pool, such as swimming, is relaxing and safe. In each swimming exercise You will exercise every part of your body. Including your lungs will be fully exercised. The muscles in your body and lungs will no doubt become stronger.

       Choosing a specialized hydrotherapeutic swimming pool And wearing appropriate swimsuits can reduce injuries to hydrotherapy pool users.

       Exercise in the hydrotherapy pool. In addition to helping the physical therapy of the elderly People who experience weight problems and buoyancy To have a better quality of life Also suitable for general users who are interested in exercising in the swimming pool. Helps in being healthy and a strong body in every part of the body It also strengthens the lungs. But after you’re done exercising in the pool, don’t forget to take a shower and wash your hair. To clean the chemicals from the swimming pool that are left on the body before continuing with other activities.

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