Problems with green water in swimming pools

  • What is green water?

    Green water or green swimming pool It may occur for a variety of reasons. We will only mention things that happen frequently in Thailand. We can divide it into 2 main causes: green water from algae or green algae in the water. and metallic minerals that dissolve in the water

    The water is green from dissolved metal minerals mixed in the water. They are often seen being pulled out of the water within swimming pools. When the swimming pool uses water that comes from natural sources that are often mixed in the swimming pool. And it will show the color because most swimming pools use chlorine to kill germs. When chlorine dissolves in water, it becomes ionized, making it able to pull out certain minerals and show us the color green.

     Green juice from algae. green algae in the water The green color we see in algae ranges from a clear light green (cloudy but the ground is still visible) to a dark green. Or if left without even filtering the water The water may be so dark green that sediment may build up on the surface of the water. Because moss is a group of single-celled algae. The best way to eliminate and prevent algae is to make them unable to grow and survive.

  • Causes of green fluid or moss

1. The pH value is abnormal

    The pH value in swimming pools is usually (IDEAL) at 7.2-7.6, but if the water in your swimming pool measures more than 7, it means the water in your swimming pool is alkaline, or if A value less than 7 means the water in your swimming pool is acidic. You can measure the water yourself. Using pH/CL Test Kits

    Moss or single-celled algae They usually like water conditions that are acidic or alkaline. Therefore, when the pH value of the water in the swimming pool is abnormal. Therefore, there are often incidents of green water occurring inside the pool because of algae or single-celled algae. Can grow well

   We should all maintain water with a balanced pH at all times. By adding water conditioning products including:

  • Add pH Minus ( lower pH ) when your swimming pool measures more than 7 (water in the pool is alkaline).

  • Add pH Plus (increase pH value) when your swimming pool water measurement is less than 7 (water in the swimming pool is acidic).
  1. Disinfection inside the pool is too little.

    ​       Even chlorine and various methods of disinfection in swimming pools Will affect moss or single-celled algae. The cause of this green water is not very much. But it cannot be denied that adequate chlorine and disinfection in the swimming pool has an effect on the green water in the initial stages because if the pH level in the swimming pool is balanced. But there is a lack of disinfection. It may cause an accumulation of germs and cause green water problems.

  1. Insufficient or incomplete hours of water filtration

          Water filtration is the heart of a swimming pool. If the filtration system is efficient and the filter has been turned on for the appropriate filtration period. Your pool will be clean and it will help you to protect your pool from greening easily. Because the filter in the filter system It will help you filter out debris and sediment, which is one of the reasons why the water in the swimming pool is green.

          Turning on the filter for the proper filtration period is to enable the filtration system to pump water from within your pool and filter the water through your filter. Ready to send back to the pool until it reaches the total amount of water that is in your swimming pool and water tank.

  1. Lack of cleaning inside the swimming pool and filtration system.

           Suctioning up sediment is another indispensable part of keeping your swimming pool clean. Biomass waste or leaf litter that is left inside the swimming pool. There will be degradation. It becomes a food source for germs and algae or single-celled algae to grow. And the decomposition of this biomass waste or leaf litter, if there is a large amount, may cause the pH value or pH value to change. It becomes a suitable environment for moss. Or single-celled algae grows well inside your own swimming pool.

    ​       Your own filtration system can also become the breeding ground and cause of green and cloudy water within your swimming pool. If you don’t wash and clean as scheduled or as you should. Debris and algae stuck inside your filter become a good breeding ground. and send germs back into your own swimming pool Each type of system has a cleaning process. Washing period and precautions vary. If you are not sure you can wash it. You can call an expert technician. to come in and take action Or maybe have them teach or train you and your pool attendant. Know the proper and correct way to clean your filter system.

  1. Weather and environment

             Have you noticed? That after it rains in many ponds Whether it’s your own or your friend’s. It often happens that the pool becomes green or cloudy. During the changing seasons and during the rainy season, it often rains. Rain in each area usually has a different pH value. And when rain falls on our swimming pool, the pH in the rainwater always causes the pH in the swimming pool to change. Not including germs and dust mixed in with rain. Therefore, it is the cause of incidents of green water and cloudy water after rain. Tips. Did you know? Solving the green water problem It is not about adding more chlorine than normal. Because in addition to not being able to solve the problem, it may also be dangerous to users. You should therefore use other products that do not contain chlorine, such as Algae Clear, a solution to eliminate and prevent algae. For salt system swimming pools or Pool Clear, a solution to eliminate and prevent algae. For general swimming pools and use Cloudy Clean, a solution for cloudy water. When your swimming pool water is cloudy and white

    ”      But at the same time, even though there is no rain in the summer and winter. Large amounts of smoke and dust mixed in the air. Especially in areas with construction and industrial areas. It can easily make your swimming pool cloudy and green.

            Therefore, in addition to cleaning regularly, You should complete the swimming pool filter according to the standards, checking the pH value or acidity-alkalinity value, chlorine value, and other values according to each system you choose to use. Clean your filtration system regularly. And always add the appropriate chemicals or water care products. Just like this, your swimming pool will be beautiful, clean, bright, and worth jumping in all the time.

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