If you want to have a swimming pool, what things do you need to think about? [Part1/2]

  Some people think that having a swimming pool It’s like thinking about building a house. Asking whether it’s right or not, it’s not. Because building a swimming pool, we have to take into account many factors. But if you ask me if it’s that difficult, I say “no” because once you’ve decided on it, we can design it according to your dreams.

  • The beginning of having a swimming pool

       Have a ready budget enough land Want to exercise? Add vitality to the home area, etc. These are many reasons why many people decide to have a swimming pool at home. But whatever the reason Before building a swimming pool, there are various factors. that need to be considered In order to get a swimming pool that meets the intended use and to know the various budgets. more clearly as well

  • What can you do with the swimming pool?

    ” In addition to building a swimming pool for exercise, swimming pools also have other uses. Whether it is a swimming pool for general relaxation Children’s swimming pool Spa pool or Jacuzzi You need to find the most suitable layout for your use, which may be a combination of several swimming pool styles. In the case where there are many family members, for example, there is an area of water that is not very deep for children. There is a spa pool or Jacuzzi for housewives. And there is a swimming pool for exercising.

  • Swimming pool size

    ” Once you have decided that you will definitely build a swimming pool. Determining the size of the pool depends on who the users are and how many there are. Suppose that if there are children in the house The swimming pool may be designed to be an appropriate size, approximately 3 × 5 meters, with a depth of approximately 70 – 90 centimeters. If it is a swimming pool for adults to exercise, it will be larger, approximately 4 × 8 or 5 × 10. meters, approximately 120 – 150 centimeters deep or depending on continuous use together. By clearly separating the area between the deep and shallow areas. Or it may be designed as a ramp for safety.

  • Pool location and orientation

       The positioning and direction of the swimming pool has many effects on its functionality and creating a good atmosphere for the home. The first thing that is absolutely necessary in determining the position and direction of the swimming pool is It should be in the direction where there is no hot sun in the evening because this is the time when family members tend to come and use it. A good positioning of the swimming pool also helps promote a fresh and relaxing atmosphere for the home, such as being close to the living room. Living room or rest room Therefore, the positioning of the swimming pool should not be in the south or west because it will make the temperature in the swimming pool too hot to use. The afternoon sunlight reflecting on the water surface entering the house will disturb the residents as well.

    ” In some cases, the location of the swimming pool may be in an area with heavy foot traffic, such as in front of a house next to a main road. It is similar to a buffer to prevent noise and pollution, or if it is in a good location, such as the house next to the village lake or on a golf course, it can be specified. The position of the swimming pool allows for beautiful views as well.

  • swimming pool structure

      If we were to divide the structure of swimming pools that are commonly used within the home, they can be divided into 2 countries as follows:

  1. concrete structure swimming pool

       The advantages of this type of concrete structure are: It is strong and durable. The pool can be designed into various shapes as desired. Concrete structures can also be classified into two types: reinforced concrete structures. This involves tying steel into the same shape as the swimming pool and then pouring concrete. This method will take the longest construction time. The other type is The concrete block structure is similar to building a house wall by using concrete blocks as the building material and then plastering them with cement. Then decorate the surface with tiles or other materials. This method is familiar to general technicians. But the most common problem with this type of swimming pool is leakage. If waterproofing solution is not mixed into the concrete, it may cause the pool to leak.


    Prefabricated swimming pool

    ”  This is another way to build a swimming pool that saves time and helps reduce leakage problems. This is because the swimming pool parts are produced at the factory and then installed on site. Most often it is a plastic material. Polymer or vinyl Therefore, it is lightweight and has few joints between the pieces. Then installed on the prepared concrete structure. As for laying the material to cover the surface of the prefabricated swimming pool. May use tiles or cover with vinyl cloth produced especially for prefabricated swimming pools. But there will be limitations in terms of usage period that must be changed every 5 – 10 years.

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