If you want to have a swimming pool, what things do you need to think about? [Part2/2]

  • swimming pool system

    A beautiful swimming pool is not only because of the design of the swimming pool as well as the decoration and surrounding atmosphere. The water in the pool is clear and clean. Not having dirt is also an important part of making the swimming pool beautiful. But until you get clear blue water like you see You will need a water circulation and water treatment system to help keep the water in your swimming pool as clean as you want.

  • water circulating system

    There are two commonly used systems: the Skimmer system and the Overflow system, both of which have the following characteristics.




Work process

Filter water from a ready-made filter without having to run pipes.

Pipes must be routed to send water to the water tank before sending it to the water filter.

What kind of pool is suitable?

Suitable for small swimming pools approximately 6 × 12 meters.

Suitable for large swimming pools and with space for a machine room.

Area preparation

The filter is small and easy to install at the pool edge.

There must be space for the engine room and water tank. The engine room may be above ground or underground.


(in the same area)

The Overflow system is approximately 15 – 20% more expensive than the Skimmer system.

    In addition to these two types of water circulation systems being different in terms of their working characteristics, the Overflow system is required to keep the water level in the pool at the same level as the area around the pool, so the water surface appears tight. Beautiful but uses a lot of water There are widely known names such as Endless Pool, Edgeless Pool, etc. As for the Skimmer system, the water level in the pool is approximately 10 -15 centimeters below the edge of the pool so that the water passes directly into the filter, thus saving more water.

  • Choosing a water filter

    An important device that will help circulate water in the pool to keep it always clean is Water filter Therefore, it is necessary to choose a water filter that is suitable for use. The water filters used in home swimming pools can be divided into cloth filter, sand filter and synthetic fiber filters

– Cloth filters or DE Filters are currently the filter systems that filter the cleanest water. By working with filter powder The filter powder catches impurities in the water. Therefore, it can filter small impurities up to 1 micron, providing crystal clear water quality, but it is more expensive and has monthly expenses in the long run. Because you have to add filter powder every time you wash the machine.

-Sand filter or Sand Filter uses sand grains as a filter for dirt, thus filtering out dirt. that are large from 40 microns or more, which filters up to 40 times coarser, but even though the filtration is less fine, if the user has expertise, a sand filter is a good choice because it is cheap. and no need to add filter powder But there may be additional costs in the long run from inexperienced use.

-Synthetic fiber filter or Cartridge Filter is a type of filter that uses a filter. The filter is made from synthetic fiber. Can filter down to 10 microns, which is finer than a sand filter. It is also small, convenient to install, takes up little space. But you must regularly remove the filter and clean it because dirt will clog inside the machine, causing the filter efficiency to decrease.

  • water treatment system

” There are two main water treatment systems for swimming pools currently in use. Let’s consider various factors. these before deciding which water treatment system to use for your swimming pool.


Chlorine system

Salt system

Health effects

If you swim for a long time It will cause the hair and skin to dry out. If people who are allergic to chlorine go swimming, they may feel a burning sensation on the skin area.

It is the most natural because it uses salt water to kill germs. Therefore, it is not harmful to health and also adds moisture to the skin.

System installation

No need to install the system Because it uses chlorine that is in the form of powder or liquid.

Must install a water purifier

Contains salt (Salt-Chlorinator)

Maintaining the water in the pool

The pH of the pool water must be measured, which should be around 7.2 – 7.8. If it is lower than this, acid must be added to adjust the pH.

There is an Automatic pH Control system.

To control the pH value, this system automatically adjusts the addition of acid or alkali when the pH value goes up or down.


There is no system installation fee. But there is a cost to add chlorine.

Installation costs are in the tens of thousands, depending on the size of the pool, and there is the cost of adding salt when cleaning the filter.


To kill germs

1 month

1 month

  • Lighting system

    ” Swimming pool lighting can be divided according to estimated usage. It is the light that allows you to see at night. Which will use halogen light bulbs from 100 – 300 watts, 12 volts or will use LED underwater lights that use less electricity. But you can choose the color. of light can go in many ways Installed around the pool wall for lighting to decorate the pool to look beautiful. Helps enhance the atmosphere of the swimming pool at night very well.

  • Swimming pool floor-wall decoration work

    ” Common materials have been known for a long time. Used to decorate swimming pools is Ceramic tiles and glazed terra cotta tiles They usually range in size from 1 inch, called mosaic clay tiles, to 4 inches because it is a durable material. There are many styles and colors to choose from. The tiles in the swimming pool can be easily designed with pictures or various graphic patterns. They can be easily maintained because they are materials that are well known to the general public. But of course, when there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Tiles can crack for various reasons. and grout that is not smooth or cracked used in grouting tiles These problems can easily cause you or your family injury.

    In addition to using tiles There is another type of material that can be used to decorate the swimming pool surface.

Vinyl Liner or PVC Liner, which is made from a polymer that is specifically produced for installation inside swimming pools. Can be installed quickly, has few joints, and has an average lifespan of about 10 years. The advantages of this vinyl liner are: Save time on installation There are many patterns to choose from. You can add patterns or logos. Importantly, the surface is flexible. Safe for users, including children, the elderly, and pets. Repairing in the event of a leak is easy. Can be repaired underwater immediately without lowering or removing water. Disadvantages: If you put a knife or sharp object in the pool, it may tear the vinyl liner.

  • Decorating the area around the swimming pool

    It cannot be denied that In addition to the swimming pool that helps add freshness and relaxation to the house. There is another element that will help promote the swimming pool to be more usable, that is, the decoration of the atmosphere surrounding the swimming pool area. We would like to divide it into topics for a clearer understanding as follows:

    – tree

    ​   Helps add shade to the area around the swimming pool. But you should choose plants that have large leaves that fall little, including trees, shrubs, and ground covers. For ease of maintenance, such as palm trees and frangipani trees. In addition, choosing trees that are different helps promote the swimming pool to be more interesting as well.

    – furniture

    ” When there is a swimming pool The use of outdoor space will increase. It is necessary to have outdoor furniture that can withstand the sun and rain. It may be a simple table-chair set. to look relaxed Or a lawn chair that can recline but focuses on wood and stainless steel would be best.

    – Decorative materials around the swimming pool

    The area around the swimming pool is an area where you will have to come out and use it. Choosing flooring materials requires special caution regarding slipperiness. Therefore, you must choose materials that are not slippery when wet, such as stone cladding, washed sand floors, and concrete floors. Rough polished cement Rough surface tiles Including the wooden floor besides the floor. The wall is another point where you can add interesting features to the swimming pool. By using the right decorative materials Whether it is sandstone casting in low relief in the shape of a flower Painted plaster walls with various patterns on the surface. and natural stone Each type of wall will give the swimming pool a different atmosphere.

    – General swimming pool maintenance

    ”  At the outset, maintaining a swimming pool is simple. Just use a strainer to scoop leaves out of the pool regularly. If used until there is sediment and algae stains at the bottom of the pool. It is necessary to clean it by scrubbing with a pool brush and vacuuming up sediment to remove dirt from the swimming pool, but there may be a major cleaning done once a year. Importantly, the pH value must be checked regularly to ensure that the water in the swimming pool is always clean for your health and quality of life. In addition, every year you should call an expert technician to check the operation of your swimming pool system at least once a year so that you can be confident that the equipment in your system will always be ready for use.

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