What types of Edge Less Pools can actually be built and designed?


    Swimming pools are very popular these days. If you own a home, accommodation, or various places If you have enough budget, you often decide to build it together with the building for beauty and utility in a variety of occasions.


and for beauty that is worthwhile Designing a swimming pool that best suits the area is therefore increasingly important. And the style of swimming pool that hotels and resorts that emphasize beauty usually choose is Infinity swimming pool or Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool.

”  But what exactly is an edgeless pool or an edge less pool or an endless pool? In construction work, we call these pools overflow pools or overflow pools. Each designer has techniques for designing the pool edges in different ways that make the pool A normal overflow system can become an edgeless pool or Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool.

When we know Infinity swimming pool or Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool. Let’s look at ideas for changing the edge of the swimming pool. An ordinary swimming pool with an overflow system becomes an Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool that stands out from the crowd.

Option 1: Reduce the level of the overflow chute to lower than the edge of the pool.

   This will make people who play in the pool or walk on the balcony. You can see the water level along the outside edge of the swimming pool. It was as if there was nothing beyond the edge of this swimming pool. When the overflow system works, the water in the pool will flow out of the visible water edge and flow out of the pool, creating an edge-less pool or Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool.

We can design To add additional atmosphere from the above style, for example, change the normal outer pool wall into a waterfall wall.

Tips : Adjust the edge of the pool so that it tilts slightly towards the inside of the pool. This will allow the water to reach the outside edge of the swimming pool perfectly.

Moreover, on the side of the overflowing water, it will appear as an endless sheet of water. or even more borderless

Option 2: Choose to raise the level of the floating swimming pool. Or choose to build a swimming pool in the area above the ground.

    This design makes the swimmer feel like the water is floating. and felt that there was no boundary between the water and the view in front We can design it to create this kind of feeling. Can be used for both overflow (Overflow) and non-overflow (Skimmer) swimming pools.

Tips : be careful! Swimming pools with floating designs can pose a danger to mischievous users. So don’t forget to design more space below. Or use a glass to prevent falling.

Option 2 : Lay the balcony or edge of the pool over the overflow gutter.

   The design allows the balcony to cover the overflow gutter. It will make it clear to us that our swimming pool is truly borderless. No matter what part of the area you place the swimming pool. It will float on the second floor, embedded in the floor. or on the floor You can still see that your swimming pool has no edges!!


By this method, you need a combination of neat and level balcony covering. with the edge of the swimming pool always smooth It’s a space that’s not too small or too big. So that the water that overflows can fit into the space correctly and without wasting water, the result is a most elegant edgeless pool or Edge Less Pool or Endless Pool.

    But the disadvantage of this method is that if it is built in a way that cannot open the channel, you will not be able to clean the channel below at all. When the rainy season arrives, algae may accumulate inside. When small leaves are down, they can become stuck and rot inside. And when water flows back into the filter system, green water problems may occur within your swimming pool.

Therefore, avoid planting trees nearby. And don’t forget to design it.

Can be opened to clean your gutters.

Article written and edited by SPC.

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